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And I ask, is it right for us to have killed Bin Laden or (hypothetically) Hitler? Justice is about harmony between the defendant and the accusers, and in killing anybody, you strip them off their fundamental right to harmony. In retrospect of the case, such as in the case we were killing someone AFTER they've killed someone (ten men, in this case), is 'revenge', which is morally unjust. So the justification shouldn't change when looking at a man who is 'about' to commit a crime; actually, more so. We should bring tyrants to justice, not execute them.

It's wrong. Nobody has the right to take somebody's life. It is not how it is supposed to be, but in order to safe 10 lives may be it can be practiced, but only in afore-mention situation. As it is immoral there should be any other solution of saving everyone's life.

The end does not justify the means, as I believe someone already said. Let's say a man needs money for food, so he robs a bank. The cops come after him, so he shoots them both. Later that night he sits down to dinner. How do you think he feels inside?

It is never morally permissible to do evil that good may come of it. Human life does not have a quantitative but rather an absolute value. Every individual human being has an infinite dignity and value and so cannot be bartered or compared with others. An individual may give his life sacrificially for the life of others, but no one has the right to take a life, howevermany lives may be saved by this action.

It's wrong to kill someone who hasn't violated/begun to violate your rights. Therefore, it is wrong to kill one man in order to save ten, unless the one man in question is about to start shooting up the ten or something. If my lack of killing one person causes ten other people to die, tough luck for them. My intent is not to save human life, but to avoid violating the non-aggression principle.

Killing anyone is wrong, regardless of what it may mean for the rest. Killing one man, to save 10 others is wrong; unless he steps up and that is what he wants. Killing a man is a sin and it is just plain wrong. Would you want someone to kill you to save 10 other people?